Amazon Kindle Oasis is Coming With All Changed Design – Leaked pics


    Amazon Kindle Oasis is Coming With All Changed Design РLeaked pics : Incredibly, to come Oasis Amazon Kindle appeared on the Internet. With that said, it only confirms all previous rumors. They argue that the long-life battery and battery container, but unfortunately the new Oasis is not waterproof Kindle device from Amazon. Reddit user discovered and tablets, demolished shows that new e-book reader Amazon Kindle will be called the next Oasis and the other will be a design and architecture. It will be announced this week, but today is the so-called rules notified gear has been leaked.

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    All waited for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduces the Company’s eighth-generation Kindle sometime this week, which actually was the records show technological equipment that love the readers of the new Kindle will be “top line”, which managed to raise expectations and excitement before the official show. Thaks leak, because it looks like the image of the new Kindle and the main features can be identified before the official announcement, but quickly removed.

    Now we learn that will soon be formally introduced into the eighth-generation Kindle will appear under the name Oasis Kindle. The images have been leaked suggest Oasis radical transformation pack, which seems to be rather large side cover on the one hand, which makes the place the next page that allows users to seamlessly between sites without smudging the screen.

    Kindle Oasis introduces a built-in accelerometer, which allows users to display content in different directions. This allows the buttons and the frames should be placed on each side, depending on how you want to keep it a broad framework, perhaps it is easier to maintain, and, of course, give way to a true one-handed operation.

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    Physically, the overall design of the new Kindle is very different from the previous generation of hardware WAHT owners. It is noteworthy that the Oasis is a new design of the wedge as close as possible to the point of view of the hardware button can put the battery from the device.

    Oasis Kindle battery, according to leaked information also shows that Amazon offers a separate case, the battery cover will not only improve the battery life of the device, but also the hardware motion with the flat side when the scene. That alone might convince some consumers to buy accessories. Then Kindle Oasis can take up to 20 months on standby! This case is connected to a device with a small magnet, and in three colors, including all of the skin. In addition, the software Oasis “in the” Kindle Sleep Mode “, which in turn increases the battery life. It is designed to tandem to save the most possible energy. For example, if the machine is connected to the case and installed and the battery he will be right, and when it lifted, they prefer before you use the Kindle internal power supply battery case.

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    Other hardware features include the display offers 300 pixels per inch, and LED tail lights that come with the power of 60% lighter than the previous model. The unit weighs 131 g (about 4.6 ounces) and 3.4 mm from the top Oasis small measuring instrument, and 8.5 mm thick. It was an illusion, and that Amazon is not thrown into the mix waterproofing which is disappointing, to be honest. Or waterproof – name tyrant. If Oasis in a desert spring, think outside!

    At this time, we still await the official announcement sooner rather than later, but at least now I have an idea what to expect and no.