Letest Update for Freedom 251 Smartphone And Booking Updates


Latest Update for Freedom 251 Smartphone And Booking Updates

Freedom 251 smartphone was official launch in New Delhi on Wednesday by Noida-based Ringing Bells. The Rs. 251 smartphone, arguably the cheapest in the world, went on sale via freedom251 On Thursday evening, Ringing Bells issued a statement saying there has been unprecedented demand for the Freedom 251 and it has As of Friday morning, the phone is now back in stockWhen we tried to buy a Freedom 251 unit, we were thrown back to the screen that asks for shipping details, and based on reports on social media we are not alone.Freedom-251-

Everyone wants to sue Ringing Bells, the makers of Freedom 251. While the world’s cheapest phone could soon prove to be a costly mistake for its makers, it is unlikely that the actual buyers of the phone will sue the company. That is because the costs of litigation will far outweigh the cost of the phone.Ringing-Bells-Freedom-251-Smartphone

If the company finally ends up failing to deliver the phone as promised, not many people will bother going to consumer court for something that cost them just Rs 251. Unless you have the drive to bring the company to book,phone won’t bother spending their precious time in courts for a refund of this amount.

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In this phone available so many types of features including Women Safety, Fisherman, Swachh Bharat, Farmer, Medical and other important apps. This company give you one year warranty in our 650 plus service centers in our country.Freedom-a

Good News for those customers who have successfully register their Freedom 251 Smartphones so, Ringing bell releases a news regarding distribution of Freedom 251 now ringing bell is going to distribute Freedom 251 on or after 8th July 2018.